Since 1984, Pacifica Capital has been providing competitive and flexible financing solutions to small and mid-market companies based on a foundation of integrity, knowledge and professionalism.

About Pacifica Capital

Pacifica Capital is an independent, commercial Finance and Leasing firm which has been providing top-quality, flexible financial products to businesses nationwide since its inception in 1984. While Pacifica had rather humble beginnings with Bette Kerhoulas starting the company out of her kitchen; to date, Pacifica has financed more than $750 Million and completed more than 18,000 transactions in the USA and across the globe. Our business relationships are built on a foundation of trust, confidence and exceptional service, utilizing the most competitive programs and financial services in the industry.

Our various financial services are briefly outlined below:

  • Small Ticket
    • $5,000 to $500,000
    • Application-Only (up to $250,000 for qualified businesses)
  • Mid Ticket
    • $500,000 to $10 Million
    • Full Financial Package required
  • Master Credit Facilities
  • Alternative Financings
    • Commercial Real Estate
    • Debt Restructuring
    • Working Capital
    • Merchant Cash Advance
  • Municipal and Federal Transactions
  • Software only
  • Flexible Payment Terms
    • 90-day deferred
    • Step-up
    • Seasonal

Pacifica’s lease/finance programs are structured to meet our customer client’s capital needs. We control the entire transaction process from the initial gathering of the application and credit information, to financial analysis, then to transaction approval, negotiations (term, payment amount, structure, etc.), and through the execution of documentation and funding. Our management and staff are well versed in streamlining the transaction process and have a long history of dealing openly and fairly with equipment end users and vendors. In addition to direct lending capabilities, Pacifica has strategic relationships with an extensive network of domestic and international capital resources. We are committed to meet client’s capital needs, to exceed client and vendor expectations and to earn our client’s future business.

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What We Do

Equipment Leasing / Equipment Financing

Capital Asset Leasing:

A lease is a contract in which one party conveys the use of an asset to another party for a specific period of time at a predetermined rate.  Pacifica provides the following types of Equipment Leases:

  • True Lease: A True Lease gives the Lessee several options at the end of the base term: (i) to purchase the leased equipment for its then Fair Market Value, (ii) to renew the lease for a specified term, or (iii) to return the equipment to Lessor with no further obligation. This allows the Lessee to expense the monthly rental payments for tax purposes.
  • Finance Lease: A Finance Lease allows the Lessee to claim the asset ownership and take advantage of the tax depreciation benefits that ownership provides.  A typical Finance Lease has a fixed purchase option at the end of the Lease term ($1.00, 10%, etc.).
  • Operating Lease: An Operating Lease is a True Lease which also complies with specific FASB 13 accounting tests. An Operating Lease typically is not capitalized on a Lessee’s financial statement for accounting purposes.

Capital Asset Financing:

Pacifica offers Equipment Finance Agreements (EFA’s) to clients who are interested in financing rather than leasing. An EFA is a loan to the customer (Debtor) secured by the equipment as collateral. The Debtor assumes all ownership benefits and responsibilities. Pacifica (Creditor) or its assigns holds a security interest in the equipment until the EFA is paid in full.

Vendor Partnership Programs

Becoming a strategic partner with Pacifica seamlessly brings together the benefits of lease financing for you and your customers. Our Vendor Programs are designed to increase your sales while developing long-term relationships built on integrity and trust. With over 30 years of lease and finance experience, Pacifica understands your day-to-day needs and those of your customers. We’ve built a team of professionals who will address those needs, while offering knowledge on a wide array of financial products.

We know that making a sale is hard work and finding a financial partner to compliment your product is not always easy. Our expertise is in securing finance terms that will satisfy your customer and help close the sale.  Our team is supported by an efficient communications network to ensure fast decision-making and follow-through so that you are funded as quickly as possible.

How leasing will benefit your next sales call:

  • Allows you to retain control of the transaction, takes it off the street
  • Encourages additional sales to a specific customer with a pre-approved credit line
  • Puts focus on the monthly payment, instead of the total equipment cost
  • Helps preserve margins
  • Increases sales and transaction size

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Pacifica provides commercial real property loans through its extensive network of institutional and private commercial RE portfolio lenders. Loans typically range from $250,000 to $5,000,000 and may include:

  • Construction loans, permanent mortgage loans and bridge loans
  • Purchase financing, refinancing, tenant improvements and cash-out/working capital
  • Office, industrial, retail, warehouse, hospitality, restaurant, self-storage, and multi-family units
  • Owner-occupied and non-owner-occupied properties

Debt Restructuring Loans

Pacifica provides financing for companies who need to consolidate or restructure their existing term debt obligations to better balance their cash flow. Debt restructuring loans roll-up the existing debt into a new loan facility with more favorable terms. Collateral will include a 1st priority security interest in the assets refinanced along with other supplemental assets which may include:

  • Other equipment/machinery owned free & clear of liens
  • Accounts receivable
  • Inventory
  • Intellectual property

Franchise Financing

Pacifica offers extensive financing options to new and seasoned franchise business operators. Franchise loans typically range from $10,000 for small equipment acquisitions (i.e. point-of sale, ice machine, fryer, printing, office equipment, etc.) up to $5,000,000 or more for multi-unit development which may include:

  • Lines of credit for multi-unit development/buildouts
  • Remodeling/re-imaging of existing units
  • Equipment, furnishings and fixture financing
  • Real property financing
  • Refinancing of existing debt
  • Financing for acquisition of existing units

Lines of Credit and Working Capital Loans

Pacifica provides working capital loans to small & middle-market sized companies.  Small-ticket W/C loans (ranging from $10k to $250k) are cash flow driven and are often unsecured with simple personal guaranties. Mid-ticket W/C loans (ranging from $250k to $3mm+) are asset-based loans typically secured by accounts receivable, inventory, equipment & machinery and/or other company assets and may include:

  • Borrowing-base lines of credit with advances up to 90% of eligible receivables
  • Advances against inventory ranging from 50% to 70%
  • Factoring of eligible A/R invoices
  • Loans against equipment & machinery based on appraised valuation of collateral

Meet Our Team

With over 250 years of combined experience in equipment financing and leasing, Pacifica Capital has a dynamic team of employees who share a deep commitment to the needs and successes of its customers.

Bette Kerhoulas

CLFP, Founder/Managing Director
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800-800-8081, ext. 227

Amy M. Spragg

CLFP, Managing Director
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800-800-8081, ext. 231

Randy Propeck

Business Development
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Larry Turner

Business Development
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Carrie Potter

National Accounts Manager
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